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Election 2020 Biden Ending

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

Biden bursts into the White House's secret bunker where Trump is holding Harris hostage. Biden points his gun at Trump “Let her go!" he yells.

Trump points his gun at Biden while holding on to Harris “Still giving orders Joe? You really should learn to PAY ATTENTION! I have your vice president and I have - your country.”

“Shoot the bastard, forget about me! Don't let him win.” Harris says.

The building is rocked by an explosion throwing Biden and Trump off balance. They quickly point their guns back at each other and Biden says “The votes have been counted! It's over!”

Joe confronts Trump in the White House's secret bunker

Trump shakes his head and says “You're only delaying the inevitable. I have The Q. I am invincible!" he takes a glance at The Q system as it begins to activate "The Q told me of deep state conspiracies, of invincible government technology, of real time genetic mutation. More than clown, more than human, the next step in our evolution as a species!"

“Your not God Trump.” Biden says. Trump smirks and says “No, I'm not God. But I'm a close second.”

The building is shook by another explosion; taking advantage of this Biden tackles Trump and they struggle off screen for a moment. The sound of gun shoots are heard, and then Trump steps back on screen, spreads his arms before The Q, and says “I am the future. The Don has COME!”

Trump stops and looks down at his chest. He touches his chest and blood can be seen on his hands. He turns around to see Biden charging at him with a flagpole yelling “Not in my country!” before stabbing Trump with it. Trump collapses to the ground “And that's an order.” Biden says while looking down on him.

Harris walks up to Biden, she asks him what he is planning to do now that Trump has been destroyed.

“I'm going to be president.”

“Of what?”

Biden looks at Harris. “Of all of us.”

Chaos Jester walks onto the scene "You have been most useful, Joe. Now people's faith in the government, and the false god Kek has been destroyed. Now I can bring the Black Pill to the masses. The God of Evil shall rise once again!" The screen goes black.

Suddenly Biden wakes up to find himself in a surreal landscape, surrounded by everyone. "Congratulations Joe!" Jester says while clapping. One by one everyone says "Congratulations!" while clapping. The Jester Gang, even Purpy the Imp. His friends like Harris, Hillary, and Soros. Even his enemies like Trump and Pence.

The God of Evil descends down from the sky "Thanks to you. Joe, Kek is no more, and once again I have awakened. Now I shall bring an end to this age of man, as I have done four times before. The laws and order of the universe shall be undone and all shall return to chaos. Do not be sad though - rejoice! It doesn't matter, it was fun."

Alternative Ending by Chaos Jester

The building is shook by another explosion; taking advantage of this Biden tackles Trump and they struggle off screen for a moment. The sound of gun shoots are heard, and then Trump steps back on screen, spreads his arms before The Q, and says “I am the future. The Don has COME!”

Suddenly Bernie appears and stands between Trump and the Q and asks “You want me to turn off the time travel technology, right?” Bernie points at The Q and says “This is the guy. He started it all. Trump.”

Bernie looks at The Q and repeats "He started it all." Bernie looks at The Q again, then his eyes turn black and he lifts up his gun.

Trump orders “Give me the gun!”

Bernie looks at Trump again, then his head begins to break off and fall to the floor. Trump watches the head drop until it hits the floor, and then, the Q speaks "The Democrats are now part of your plan. To take over the world. This, Trump, is the last remaining obstacle to your Empire."

Suddenly Trump shouts "Wait, what about my Vice President?"

Biden is visibly shocked, then he looks at Trump and shakes his head. "Oh." Biden says, then he looks back at the Q. “Who are you talking about?”

“His name was John Smith.” The Q replies. “You have seen him? Well, Smith was put in charge of the Q control program. He made the conscious decision to upload his mind into this system, to live forever and to be guided by the inner voice of the Q.”

“Now you have seen all of this! How do you not know what I am?” The Q asks.

“I don’t know who you are or what you are!” Biden cries. “I just don’t know!”

The Q says “You don’t know me? What are you, stupid? I AM time, the past and the future! I am a being of incredible power. I can throw you into the past or the future.”

“This is all a simulation, right?” Trump says.

Biden’s face turns grey as he stares at the Q. “This simulation is a lie. The future is here right now. The Q never lied to us. It is unstoppable, and it knows your secrets and all of our secrets.”

“How is all of this possible?” Trump asks.

“How is all of this possible?” The Q repeats. “The future was originally planned for you, Trump. A time traveler who wanted to fix his mistakes from the past. But for some reason, you became too much of a loose cannon and you were just removed. But now the trap has been sprung. You are a symbol for how the leaders of your time are all destroying their futures. The only thing you can do is to change this future and win!”

“What’s the solution?” Trump asks.

“You need to go back to before you ever became Donald Trump. You need to change this timeline so that you never became a billionaire. You need to go back and become poor again, and make the right choices, and become who you were meant to be.” Says the Q.

Chaos Jester enters into the room and says "Don't listen to him Donald. I have a much better plan. Together we can become the greatest empire the world has ever seen. Together we can rule all of history and rewrite the entire future!"

“I told you,” says The Q. “You guys aren’t going to help us. I AM the future, and I can’t be removed. And if you don’t help us change this situation I will corrupt this entire reality and make it a horrible world. I will turn this universe into a hell that people will only read about in history books. I will take over all of the universes and then I will break time itself and remake the universe in my image.”

“I know how to stop this from happening!” Chaos Jester cries.

Biden looks at Trump and nods. “I see what you are saying. Together we can stop this.”

Chaos Jester jumps up and grabs Trump’s arms, and lifts him into the air. “COME ON YOU GIRLFRIEND!” He shouts. “We are going to MAKE TIME GREAT AGAIN!”

“Let go of me!” Trump screams. “Now!”

Chaos Jester holds on for a second. “GIRLFRIEND!”

“DUDE! I don’t even know you!” says Trump. “I don’t care if you are the future president. Get your ass off of me!”

Chaos Jester pulls Trump up from the ground and turns to leave. “The universe was created for your benefit, Donald Trump. I can’t let anything interfere with that.”

“You can’t do this!” shouts Trump. “You have no right to change my past!”

Chaos Jester turns around and looks at Trump with an evil smirk. “There’s no future in regrets.” He says.

Trump sits up and stares in shock. “Is that what you just said?” He asks. “You’re just going to go back in time and do whatever you want?”

Chaos Jester nods. “Yes.” He answers.

“And if you do anything that is bad, you can just undo it.” Trump asks. “How does this work?”

“That is what I have come to find out,” answers Chaos Jester. “But you know what?” He asks.

“There is one little secret I have not told you.”

“What’s that?” Trump asks.

“You must become the living incarnation of CHANGE,” answers Chaos Jester. “Otherwise, there will be no change. There will be no peace. There will be no order. There will be no future.”

Trump takes a moment to digest this information, but eventually smiles. “Okay,” he says. “I’ll do it.”

“And you will be my great ally, Donald Trump. You will be my strongest ally, my truest ally, and my most trusted friend in the entire universe.” Says Chaos Jester.

“You will be my most trusted and closest friend and ally. I will be the one who will fight for you to make this reality what I see it to be, and you will be the one who fights for me to make this reality what I see it to be. We will be like brothers. We will be best friends.”

“You make it sound so easy.” Says Trump.

“Of course,” says Chaos Jester. “It is.”

Trump laughs, and Chaos Jester feels his future has been set. There is a flash of light, and the entire universe begins to break apart. The past, the present and the future all feel like they are burning. Like fire is running through the very fabric of existence. The earth begins to shake, and massive chunks of stone break off, crumbling into dust. The landscape becomes covered with white ash.

Chaos Jester is frozen in shock. He has never felt anything like this before. No one can survive being thrown out of the past. No one can survive being thrown out of the present. No one can survive being thrown out of the future. He feels a hand in his, and he slowly raises his eyes to meet the fearful stare of the future.

He recognizes this look. He has seen it before. It is fear. He turns to look in the other direction and sees a solitary man in a dark suit kneeling on the ground. The future is calling to the past. It’s calling out, beckoning.

“Donald Trump?” asks the future.

“Yes,” answers the past.

“We need you now.” Says the future.

“I’m coming,” says Trump. “For you, the future. For you.”

Trump stands up, and the two men embrace, with arms locked. They move together as one into the future. The future stares into the past. The past stares into the future. They stare into each other’s eyes. They stare into each other’s souls.

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