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Halloween 2022 Special

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

(Co-written by Scathach)

Serhild is outside of TTPS Club headquarters sitting in the grass and thinking. She is an android, created by Dr. William Right, with blond hair and green eyes, who wears an armored black and purple jester outfit.

Suddenly, a van with "free memes" written on the side pulls up. She eagerly runs towards the van and jumps in the back. Inside is Jester Teller sitting in the driver seat. He wears a black and purple suit with a golden tie, a split black and purple cloak with a jester hood, and has a golden mask over his face.

Serhild asks, "Hey Jester, can I please have some memes?"

Jester turns to her and says, "I lied. There are no memes. We're going on a road trip."

Serhild gets upset and yells, "What?!"

Jester continues, "Zorn inherited an estate from his uncle out in Kansas. So we're going to check it out. Could be great new headquarters for us."

Serhild angrily replies, "But I want memes!!"

Jester laughs and replies, "Don't worry, we will stop by a store on the way."

Serhild becomes more calm. "Fine."

They drive to Scathach's house to pick her up. She is a pink skinned demon girl with horns on her head, and she wears an outfit that is a mix of a jester and witch. On her back is her guitar axe. She climbs into the van and says, "Ugh, I hate road trips. This better be worth it nerd. And if the house is haunted... Nope, I'm out of there."

The van drives away and Jester asks, "What's wrong Serhild?"

Serhild explains, "I don't like ghost stories. They give me the creeps."

Jester looks back and says, "You best start believing in ghost stories, Miss Serhild... you're in one!" then laughs.

Serhild asks, "What do you mean?"

Scathach rolls her eyes and says to Serhild, "He's just joking around. It's a meme." Jester continues laughing while Scathach shakes her head.

Next, they go to pick up Zorn and Jaelle who are shopping in preparation for the trip. Zorn is a slightly overweight man in his early 50s dressed in a retro neon pink shirt and neon blue pants. He loves to wear his shades even indoors and at night. Jaelle is a grey skinned demon girl who looks like she is ten. She wears a jester like outfit with bells on her horns. Her mouth is filled with sharp pointy teeth.

Zorn walks up to greet them, "Hey, dudes. We got plenty of snacks for the trip, and all for the other stuff we'll need. Bringing my game console as well so I don't miss out on gaming time."

Looking over at Jaelle he sees her munching on the snacks. She looks up at him with her mouth full of food and says, "Lots to nom. Old man do good."

Zorn looks back at them and shrugs, "Well, we did have plenty."

Jaelle points at a bag of Doritos, "Hey, you not get spicy ones. Why not?"

Zorn says, "I didn't know you liked them, dude. I like the Cool Ranch myself."

Jaelle says, "That's too bad." and shoves the whole bag of Doritos into her mouth.

"Jaelle, you shouldn't eat the whole bag at once. You'll choke," Scathach says.

Jaelle coughs and spits Doritos onto the ground. "Gross..."

"That is disgusting," Serhild says with a disgusted face.

Jester motions to the van saying, "Alright, friends, now that we got everyone let's get started there."

The group piles into the van and head out. The road is quiet and uneventful until they pass a farm house. In the window, Jester sees a silhouette holding an ax and smiling.

Serhild gasps and asks, "Wait, why does that house have an axeman inside?"

Jester laughs, "Relax, I'm sure it's just someone chopping firewood or something."

"Who the hell chops firewood indoors?" Scathach comments.

Zorn adds, "And the road dead-ends here anyway. That's some scary shit."

"Huh, guess the GPS lead us down a dead-end," Jester says scratching his head, "No problem we'll just turn back."

Jester turns the van around, but then they see standing in the road a man wearing a mask carrying an axe. Jester slams on the breaks causing Jaelle to hit her head on the dashboard. The group jumps out of the van.

The man is holding an axe in front of his face and has a grim look in his eyes, "You can't pass me."

Scathach runs up to Jester and yells, "What the hell is this? Are we in some kind of stupid B movie?"

"Oh hey man, I remember this movie," Zorn says.

"I don't recall ever seeing it," Serhild replies.

The man laughs maniacally and points a finger at them, "You won't escape the axe's embrace!"

Jester holds out his jester staff gun towards him and fires a shot into the man's chest. He falls over backwards onto the ground.

"Never bring an axe to a gun fight," he says holstering his staff.

Scathach yells at the fallen axeman, "And you'll never escape that L!"

Jaelle points at the body and asks, "You going to eat that?"

"Hell no," Jester replies.

"Yay! All mine!" Jaelle yells happily.

Suddenly the man gets back up and laughs, "That won't work on me. For you see..." He starts growling as his clothes rip and body begins to change, "... I'm a werewolf!"

Everyone stares in disbelief as the transformation continues. The man has become a massive humanoid wolf with sharp teeth and claws.

"The hell?! That's awesome!" Scathach comments.

Jaelle starts running at the werewolf yelling, "Got more meat now! I nom you!"

She throws spiked balls at it as she runs. The beast brings up it's arms to protect itself growling in annoyance. Leaping at the werewolf she bits onto it's arm. Howling with fury the werewolf swings his arm around. Then he grabs her pulling her off, and throws her away into the woods.

"Jaelle!" Scathach yells.

The werewolf leaps at them, but Serhild jumps into the way impaling it through the stomach with her spear. She yells as she spins around with the beast and then sends it crashing into the trees.

Zorn gives her a thumbs up, "Awesome move dude!"

However, the werewolf gets back up it's wound regenerating, "Damn, you're strong for a girl! But a wound like this is nothing to me!"

Jester puts his hand on his chin, "How can we kill it if it keeps regenerating? It has to have some kind of weakness."

"I know! They're weak to silver. Don't think we have any though." Scathach replies.

Zorn asks, "What about fire? Regenerating monsters are weak to that in games."

Scathach grins, "Only one way to find out."

As the werewolf starts advancing towards them she begins to play on her electric axe guitar. Fire begins to swirl in the air around her.

"Keep it busy while I prepare the spell," Scathach tells the others.

Serhild rushes at the werewolf and stabs at it with her spear. In response it swings down it's axe deflecting her thrust. It swipes at her with it's claws, but she flips backwards to safety. Zorn pulls out his shotgun and fires a few rounds at the beast, and Jester joins in firing his jester staff gun. Annoyed, the werewolf leaps into the air and lands in front of Zorn.

Zorn looks up at the beast, "You're huge, dude. But I'm a man and a half berserker! Rip and tear!"

He punches the werewolf in the stomach... And it does nothing. He punches the werewolf in the stomach again, and it still does nothing. He punches it a third time and a fourth time with no result. He tries punching it in the groin, but still nothing.

Laughing the werewolf says, "I didn't even feel those, old man. I'll show you what a real punch is!"

"Yeah, dude, I guess that wasn't going to work," Zorn says.

The werewolf swing back it's fist ready to smash it into Zorn. But it suddenly stops mid swing and howls in pain. On it's back is Jaelle biting into it. It claws at it's back trying to grab her and throw her off. Suddenly, Serhild rushes in, leaps into the air, and stabs it in the eye.

"My eye! You bitch!" the werewolf screams in rage.

Angrily it swipes at her forcing her to pull her spear out and leap back. Then it rips Jaelle off it's back and throws her into a tree.

"I'll tear your head off!" the werewolf yells at her.

The beast looks over to Scathach and notices the large ball of fire above her. She grins as she sends the fireball flying at it. The werewolf howls as it is engulfed in flames. As it tries to escape the flames it trips, falls on its back, and begins to burn.

Jaelle slumped next to the tree starts sniffing the air. She suddenly leaps back onto her feet, "Yum! Smell cooked meat!"

The werewolf starts to stagger back onto it's feet still burning.

"Oh, come on! Why can't this thing just die!" exclaims Jester shaking his staff at it.

"Now, while it's vulnerable! Get him Gary!" Scathach tells the demon inside her.

Her hair turns red and grows, her eyes turn red with yellow pupils, and her muscles bulk up.

A different voice comes out of her mouth, "How many times do I have to tell you! My name's not Gary! But fine, I'll take care of this. It would be a problem for me if this body got eaten."

The guitar axe starts floating into the air. Leaping onto it she rides it through the air like a flying broom. As she flies toward the beast it swipes it's claws at her. The guitar axe starts spinning around in the air cutting through the werewolf's fingers. Continuing on she slices through the throat of the beast.

A gargling sound comes from the werewolf as Scathach lands on the ground behind it, "Ha! How'd you like that mutt! Your head is mine!"

Leaping into the air she kicks it's head tearing it off and sending it flying. With it's head gone the body finally dies. The werewolf's head falls to the ground and rolls back to Jaelle.

She picks up the head of the werewolf and starts eating it, "Taste like chicken."

Scathach returns back to normal, "Whew, glad that is finally over."

"Yeah, let's get out of here before something else happens," replies Jester.

Suddenly they hear a scream, "Help! Help!"

They run forward and see a human woman in the arms of a large monster with eight legs and a large round head.

"What is this a monster convention?" asks Jester.

"It got me! It has me," she cries.

Looking closer at the monster it has three eyes and an elongated mouth filled with sharp teeth; it looks like a giant centipede with human looking limbs.

"Screw that," Scathach says.

"Yep, let's just go get back in the van," Jester says as he turns around.

"Wait, don't leave me here!" the woman screams at them.

Jaelle waves at her as they leave, "Bye, bye!"

As they walk away Jester starts laughing, "What was that all about? It didn't even look like anything that you would find in your average horror movie, or a nightmare. Did you see that face? Those hands? No man, that was one ugly creature."

Zorn replies, "I kind of feel bad about leaving the woman there though, man."

Scathach laughs, "Oh yeah, I know what you mean, she did seem pretty terrified."

Zorn adds, "But then again, who wouldn't be afraid of an eight legged mutant centipede with razor sharp teeth and three eyes?"

"Looked tasty," Jaelle says with a grin on her face.

Jester shrugs, "They do say bugs have protein."

They get back in the van and continue their journey. Meanwhile, back inside the TTPS Club headquarters the robot wizard, WB-13, is seen leaning against a wall with his arms crossed. His mechanical body and cloak is red with a glowing yellow core in his chest. A wizard hat obscures his face and only two yellow glowing eyes are seen.

He wonders to himself, "Where is everyone? Did they forget about me? Should I just go home?"

A short purple imp walks into the room. He's Purpy the Imp, a demon that is a black market weapons dealer that often hangs out at the club debating politics and selling guns.

"There you are, WB-13. The boss told me to tell you that you're in charge of guarding the club while he's gone," Purpy tells him.

WB-13 nods, "Acknowledged."

"Also," Purpy continues, "there's something I need you to do for me."

"What is it?" asks the robot.

"Well, there's this guy…" Purpy begins, "…he's a real piece of work, and he keeps trying to steal shit from me."

"I'll take care of it," WB-13 assures him.

"Good," replies the imp. "I'll give you guys a discount on guns and ammo for this. Now let me fill you in on the details about this asshole."

Back to Jester and gang, they finally arrive at the estate in Kansas. The house is large and well kept but a bit foreboding. They park the van near the front entrance. "Okay, let me check this place out," Jester says as he steps out of the vehicle.

"Man, my uncle left me a nice place," Zorn comments as he looks around.

"Yeah, he did," Jester replies, "but it could be haunted. Make sure to check thoroughly for ghosts. Those definitely lower the property value."

Serhild says, "Ghosts? Really? That would be awful."

"Well, we can just burn the place down if we find any," Scathach suggests.

"No way, man! Realestate is worth a lot these days. I could just sell it," Zorn replies.

"I guess you're right," Serhild sighs, "if I knew it was this dangerous I'd have stayed home and played video games."

Zorn laughs, "Ha ha! That's my line, dude."

Zorn unlocks the door and they go inside. He turns on the lights but then hears a loud noise coming from upstairs. "Who's up there?" he shouts. But there is no response.

"This place have a butler or maid?" Scathach asks.

Zorn shrugs, "I don't think so, man."

Zorn, Jester, Serhild, and Scathach go upstairs to investigate. They find a bedroom full of antique furniture and clothes in the closet. "Is anyone here?" Jester calls out. There is no reply.

Suddenly they hear the sound of a woman screaming downstairs.

"Wait a minute, where's Jaelle?" Scathach shouts.

They rush downstairs and into the kitchen. There they see Jaelle biting into the shoulder of a ghostly woman as she screams in pain.

The ghost girl looks at them with tears in her eyes, "Please help! There is a demon trying to eat me!"

Serhild runs over and pulls Jaelle off the ghost girl, "Jaelle, what are you doing?! Let go of her! You're going to kill her!"

"I think she's already dead, Serhild. Pretty sure that's a ghost." Scathach tells her.

"I don't care, hungry, want to eat!" Jaelle replies as she struggles in Serhild's arms.

The ghost girl says, "My name is Rhea. I died about 100 years ago in childbirth. Ever since then I've been trapped in this house. Sometimes when I'm feeling lonely or sad, I wander the house, looking for someone who might give me a little comfort."

"Have you tried going out the door?" Jester says shrugging.

Rhea shakes her head, "No, I always get chased away somehow. I'm too scared to leave the safety of the walls. One night I saw a strange light in the sky. A light brighter than anything I've ever seen before. When I went outside, I saw a creature! I ran back into the house and hid behind the curtains. Eventually it went away."

"More strange creatures? Seriously? At least this ghost isn't very scary," Scathach replies.

"Yeah, I guess she wasn't all that scary after all. Kinda like her, actually." Serhild comments.

Zorn looks at the clock, "It's getting late, dudes. Let's fix something to eat then get some sleep."

They gather around the table and start cooking. Zorn makes toast and eggs while Jester fries hamburgers and bacon. Serhild helps Rhea prepare some food then sits her down at the table as well.

"Toast and eggs with hamburgers?" Scathach questions.

Zorn shrugs, "Hey man, toast and eggs is all I know how to cook."

Rhea giggles, "I'm sorry I didn't ask before, but what exactly are you guys? Are you from another dimension? Another country?"

Jester smiles, "Not at all, friend. I'm a popular writer and philosopher." He has his mask off to eat showing his spiky red hair and green eyes.

"I was in an indie metal band and a VTuber before I got merged with a demon," Scathach says.

Serhild points at herself, "And I'm a pop star from a reality TV show. My fans call me Serhild the Sexy."

Jester laughs, "No, she's actually an android I meet on a dating app."

"You're a robot? How fun," Rhea says, giggling. "And what about the new owner of this house?"

"Me? I'm just an ordinary guy in his early 50s that loves the 80s and video games," Zorn replies.

Jaelle stares at Rhea smiling, "Me cute demon. Love noming."

Rhea stares back at her warily, "What? I'm scared of this monster you guys created."

"Cute, huh?" Jaelle taunts, grabbing a fork. She starts attacking her food.

Rhea backs up slowly as she watches the demon devour her supper.

After they finish eating, they clean up the dishes then take turns brushing their teeth in the bathroom. Then Scathach and Serhild share a bathtub and get washed while discussing the weird experiences they have been having.

"I can't believe there actually was a ghost here. Not a bad one though. I think we can live with her. Also, what was up with that werewolf and freaky centipede monster earlier?" Scathach says while soaking.

"Yeah, why were we attacked by that thing?" Serhild asks. "I've only heard of them in horror movies."

Jaelle's head pops out of the shower, "Ghostie, ghostie!"

Scathach jumps as she hears the word ghostie and Serhild laughs.

After they all get cleaned up they retire to their rooms. The three girls in one room, and the two guys in another. They sleep peacefully for a few hours, but then in the middle of the night there is a sound at the window of the girl's room. A shadowy figure is there with glowing red eyes looking inside.

Meanwhile, back at the forest where Jester and gang encountered the monsters, a group of three people can be seen standing over the corpse of the centipede monster. One is Mechtild, a blond haired and blue eyed android in American paladin armor. The second is Runo Saito, a silver haired and eyed demon hunter from Japan, dressed in a red and white ninja outfit. The final one is Merlin, a frog wizard wearing white and blue robes holding a staff.

"Thank the Lord we were able to save that woman in time," Mechtild says.

Runo nods, "If I hadn't used Burning Lion I wouldn't have been able to get in range in time."

"It's fortunate that your healing ability was able to get rid the woman's body of poison, Lady Mechtild," Merlin adds.

Mecthild puts her hand on her chin, "The woman mentioned that a weird group came by here. Could it be..."

"Someone slayed that werewolf there yonder," Merlin says pointing his staff at where they found it's body. "Either there is yet another powerful demon hunter that can control fire or it was them."

"Who knows where they are now," Mechtild says while staring off into the distance. "Sister, I swear I will find you and bring you home."

Back at the estate, the creature opens up the window. A long leech like tongue comes out of it's mouth and slithers along the floor. It moves up into the bed along Serhild's leg and towards her neck. It bites into her neck, but then the creature screeches in pain as the teeth hit metal. Serhild's eyes fly open and she grabs the tongue. She yanks on it crashing the creature through the window and into the wall.

Scathach wakes up with a start and sits up, "What the hell is going on?!"

Jaelle, who is sleeping on the floor, rubs her eyes and looks at the creature as it stands up. It has a bat like head with fangs, glowing red eyes, some sort of carapace instead of skin, small blade like wings on it's arms, and bone like claws on it's hands and feet.

"What... what is that thing!?" Scathach yells out in fear.

"That... space vampire," Jaelle replies.

"Space... vampire?" Scathach asks.

Serhild points her hand at the space vampire with her fingers spread. The ends of the fingers open up and she fires five bullets at the creature. However the bullets bounce off the creature as it shields itself. It screeches and rushes at them swiping one of it's blade wings at Serhild. She moves to the side dodging it then punches the vampire in the stomach sending it crashing through the door.

Zorn and Jester rush out of their room and see the creature, "What the hell is that!?" Zorn asks.

The girls run out of their room now with their weapons, "Evidently, a freaking space vampire." Scathach replies.

The vampire turns around and sees the two guys standing there. With a quick motion it runs at them, but before it can reach them a spiked ball from Jaelle strikes it on the head knocking it off balance. Following it up Scathach runs towards the creature.

She swings her axe at the vampire yelling, "Eat this freak!" As it strikes the neck of the creature unprotected by the carapace. The creatures head flies off landing on the floor below. Jaelle yells in victory as she pounces on the body trying to chew it.

"Critter hard to chew," Jaelle says while trying to tear the carapace off with her teeth.

Jester walks over to investigate the vampire, "Definitely not your average vampire. Is it really from space? Well, at least it isn't a clown."

Rhea floats up to them, "H-hey guys, we got a problem," she says pointing out the window.

The gang rushes to look out the windows. Outside more of the space vampires can be seen moving through the darkness.

"Where are they coming from?" Jester asks.

Sweating Scathach replies, "Who knows, but we'd better secure the house before more make it inside."

They rush to board up the windows and barricade the doors to the outside. Outside can be heard screeching and scratching sounds.

"They're everywhere, dude! That's it! Game over man, game over!" Zorn exclaims as he puts his hands together over his head.

Jester puts his hand on Zorn's shoulder, "Get it together, Zorn. We'll manage somehow. Besides, I have an idea."

Jester walks back to the table as the gang sits down and looks at him. He begins to explain his plan...

Outside the space vampires are climbing around the house trying to find a way in. They stop as Zorn is seen running outside the house.

As he runs Zorn yells, "Aw shit, dude! Why did I end up getting the short straw!"

The vampires screech and start to chase him. "Damn, I'm screwed!" he screams as he runs away with his hands covering his head. The vampires begin to close in. Then suddenly he leaps to the side. The vampires come to the stop as they see a fireball flying at them. They screech as the flames engulf them.

The space vampires in the back not set on fire look around in confusion. One of them sees Jester standing near the house and rushes at him. It swipes it's claw at him, but it turns out it was just an illusion. Suddenly Serhild bursts from a window and slams her spear into the vampire's head as she falls.

As she pulls her spear out and leaps off the falling vampire she says, "Now that's what I'm talking about."

Behind the vampires appear Jester firing explosive rounds and Jaelle throwing spiked balls. From the front Scathach comes flying in on her axe guitar slicing through some of the vampires. Meanwhile, Serhild rushes at the vampires in the back stabbing at their vulnerable parts with her spear.

In a flash, the space vampires are all dead and Serhild is walking over them. Suddenly, one of the fallen vampires grabs her foot as she walks by.

"Gah! Dammit, I've been attacked!" She shouts angrily as she tries to shake it off.

Zorn walks up to the vampire and puts his double barreled shotgun in it's mouth. Pulling the trigger he blasts a hole out the back of it's head saying, "Good. Bad. I'm the guy with the shotgun."

Jester walks over to him and gives him a high five, "Well done!"

Jaelle looks at the pile of vampire corpses drooling, "Eat good tonight!"

"Have all you want, Jaelle. I definitely don't want any," Scathach replies holding her nose to try to keep out the stench.

Jaelle sniffs the air then whips around to see one of the space vampires running away. She starts chasing after it.

"Hey, Jaelle! Wait!" Scathach shouts as they run after her.

They follow the vampire through the forest, and eventually it runs into a cave deep in the forest. Jaelle runs in after it.

Jester notices a crater and downed trees near the cave, "What caused that? A meteorite?"

"Wait, if these are space vampires... Then maybe that was left by their spaceship," Scathach speculates.

"At any rate, we better go in after Jaelle. Who knows what's in there," Jester says walking to the cave entrance.

Scathach eyes the entrance, "You're seriously going to go in there? Damn it, guess we have no choice though."

They all enter the cave and find themselves in a dark and dank area. The only light being that of the moonlight outside. Scathach creates a small flame to light the way as they move through the cave.

"This place is pretty creepy. There is even spooky skeletons littering the floor," Jester comments pointing at some remains on the floor.

Scathach and Zorn scream as they see the skeletons.

Serhild looks at them and says, "That's what you get for being in a horror movie!"

They continue to walk through the cave until they reach a large chamber. Inside they see a huge metal coffin shaped object surrounded by eggs, and in front of it they see a space vampire holding Jaelle up into the air as she struggles.

Jester fires off his jester staff gun hitting the vampire in the eye. It screeches and stumbles backwards dropping Jaelle. Serhild rushes in and stabs it through the abdomen and tosses it towards Scathach who decapitates it with her axe as it flies through the air.

"Jaelle, are you all right?" Jester asks rushing over to her.

"Yep! Found lots of egg for omelets!" She replies.

Scathach looks around at the eggs, "You're right, Jaelle, we better cook these eggs."

She summons fire and starts burning the eggs with them. Suddenly, a loud screech is heard from the coffin as it slowly starts opening. Out of it rises up a huge space vampire different from the rest. It climbs out towering over them.

Scathach steps back, "W-what the hell is that?!"

"Oh man, it must be like the space vampire queen, dude!" Zorn exclaims.

Unexpectedly the Space Vampire Queen begins to speak, "You dare to come into my home and kill my children?!" She hisses then says, "I shall ring the blood from your bodies Earthlings! Long did I sleep on Mars waiting for life to develop on another planet capable of sustaining us. The Earth shall belong to us now!"

The Queen lets out a loud screech as she launches toward them. Jester and Zorn take shots at it as the group runs away, but their bullets have no effect.

"We're going to need a bigger gun, dude!" Zorn yells.

They run outside of the cave, "I have an idea," Jester tells them.

He turns around and shoots an explosive round at the cave entrance collapsing it.

"Nice shot, man!" Zorn says.

But suddenly the Queen bursts through the rubble screeching in anger.

"Run for your lives!" shouts Jester as the group starts running again.

Scathach grabs Jester by the arm as she speeds up and Jaelle hops onto her back. Serhild picks up Zorn and starts speeding up as well. The Space Vampire Queen chases them until they reach the estate. Serhild kicks the boarded up front window breaking it, and the gang goes inside.

Rhea is floating there frightened, "Are you guys ok?! And why are you bringing that thing here?!" She exclaims pointing at the Space Vampire Queen barreling towards the house.

"It's alright Rhea, we came here to get away from that monster!" Jester yells back to her. "We need to hide."

The Queen stops in front of the house and sniffs the air, "I can smell you Earhlings. Don't think you can hide from me!"

She smashes through the front of the house and scans the room. She notices the top of a head behind some boxes in the back of the room. Slowly she walks towards the boxes.

Grabbing the box and tossing it aside she yells, "Found you!"

But behind the boxes is the ghost Rhea cowering frightened with a piece of cloth from Zorn's shirt next to her.

The Queen stares at her, "Huh? A ghost?"

Appearing behind the monster Serhild and Scathach strike her unprotected ankles. The Queen screeches in pain and stumbles, but then quickly swipes at them as she swings around. Serhild jumps out of the way, however, Scathach is hit and sent flying into a wall. She spits out blood as she falls to the floor. The Queen starts moving towards her.

Up above Jester, Zorn, and Jaelle appear attacking the monster at range, "No good, we can't harm it unless we get a chance to aim for an unarmored spot." Jester says as they attack.

The Queen picks up Scathach off the floor, "Hahaha! Your puny weapons can't hurt me. Time to die!"

She laughs as she starts squeezing Scathach in her hand. Scathach screams in pain and yells, "Now would be a good time to take over, Gary!"

The Queen looks at her puzzled, "Who the hell is Gary?"

Suddenly Scathach's body begins to change. Grabbing the sides of the hand holding her she forces it open and then kicks herself free from the grip. Landing on the ground she makes a powerful flaming swing with her axe. The strike hits the Queen's arm hard as she bring it up to shield herself. The force of the swing causes her to slide backwards across the floor.

Looking down the Queen sees a deep smoking scar on her carapace, "W-what are you?! Is this really an Earthling?"

Laughing the demon says through Scathach's mouth, "This is the power of a demon! I'm going to squash you space bug!"

As Scathach rushes in the Queen throws a punch at her, but she catches it with her hand. Then the Queen tries to punch with her other hand only to have it caught as well. They struggle veins bulging in Scathach's head.

Taking advantage of the monster's vulnerability, Jester positions himself to take a shot at the Queen's head. He fires an explosive round from his jester staff gun striking her in the eye. The Queen screeches loudly in pain as her eye explodes. Serhild then jumps in and stabs it in the abdomen. Enraged the Queen pushes hard with her arms then kicks Scathach away. Then it swipes it's wing blade backwards at Serhild who is forced to retreat.

"How dare you! I'm going to make your deaths as painful as possible!" Screams the Queen.

Scathach gets back up from the ground, "OK, now I'm pissed! How about a BBQ!"

She begins to create a massive ball of fire above her head.

"Dude, no! You'll burn down the house!" Yells Zorn.

"Like I care!" Scathach says as she launches the fireball at the monster.

Flames engulf the Queen as she screeches and start setting everything around her on fire. Everyone scrambles to get out of the house as the fire spreads. Once outside they watch as the whole building starts to burn down.

Zorn grabs Scathach, who is now back to normal on the ground exhausted, and begins to shake her, "Look at what you did, man! Can't even sell the place now! This sucks!"

"Well, at least we are alive," Jester says shrugging. "Definitely no way that thing survived that. Last we'll see of it... Oh, who am I kidding, that thing is probably still alive isn't it?"

Sure enough out of the burnt rubble emerges the Space Vampire Queen.

"You are all dead," she laughs evilly as she walks towards them.

Jester laughs, "Actually, we still have one last ace up our sleeve. Serhild, now while it's weakened, use your Overdrive!"

"Yeah, that's the ticket!" Serhild smiles.

Her hair and eyes turn purple, robotic Valkyrie wings emerge from her back, and her spear glows with energy. She then charges at the Queen. A huge spiral of energy starts growing at the head of the spear, "Gungnir!" She yells flying through the air.

The Queen tries to shield herself with her arms, but the spiral of energy pierces right through her arms and out her back leaving a gaping hole.

"How can this be?! I... was... the strongest... how could I... lose to... Earthlings..." She says as she collapses onto the ground dead.

Serhild powers back down steam coming out of her mechanical body, "What an epic battle! I haven't felt that alive in ages!"

"That was pretty damn awesome. You are one badass warrior, lady," Zorn says.

Then Zorn turns to look at the rubble that was once the house, "But my house though..."

Suddenly, the ghost Rhea comes flying out to greet them, "I'm glad you're all safe! Turns out that with the house destroyed I'm no longer bound here. So this is goodbye everyone!"

Jester waves at her, "See you later ghost girl. Too bad you won't be able to come back and tell us what's on the other side."

The group nods in agreement as they watch Rhea begin to rise up into the sky. Suddenly, she stops. Looking down she sees Jaelle yanking on her ghostly tail with her teeth.

"No leave! Want find out what ghost taste like!" Jaelle says as Rhea cries.

Jester pulls Jaelle off of her, "Stop that, Jaelle! You still got all those space vampires to eat."

Now free Rhea continues her rise into the air and then disappears.

"Well, I guess that's that, then. See you on the other side, ghost girl," Jester says.

"Yeah, see you! Don't do anything too crazy," Zorn says.

The gang rests as Jaelle begins munching down on space vampire.

"So much for our new headquarters. Hope you had insurance." Jester says to Zorn.

"Yeah, I always make sure to get all of my bases covered, dude. Guess I'll just say it was an electrical fire" Zorn replies.

Serhild stands nearby, "Sorry you'll have to look somewhere else for a place to hang your hat Mr. Zorn."

"Oh, it's alright. At least I still have my apartment," Zorn replies.

In the morning the gang heads back to TTPS Headquarters. As they walk into the build they see WB-13.

"Anything happen while we were gone?" Jester asks.

"Just a little dust up with a gun thief. No big deal," WB-13 replies.

Serhild notices bullet marks on his armor, "It looks like your armor is all messed up. Are you okay?"

"Uh, yeah, I guess... I'm fine," WB-13 replies.

"If you say so, but we better fix that up," Serhild says as she grabs WB-13 by the arm and drags him away.

Scathach yawns, "Man, I'm tired. Think I'm going home and getting some rest."

"Alright, see you later. Watch out for trucks on your way back home," Jester replies.

She glares at him, "Yeah, I think I learned my lesson the first time on that."

Scathach leaves taking Jaelle with her leaving just Jester and Zorn.

"Well, dude, think I'm going to head home and get some rest as well. What a night that was! I'll need to catch up on my video game time," Zorn says.

Zorn leaves as well leaving Jester by himself. Jester takes out a vial from his pocket and stares at it.

Smiling he says, "This sample should come in handy. These space vampires could be an excellent weapon."

Putting the vial away he walks towards his office. He has a phone call to make.

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