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RADAR, which stands for Recon Acquisition and Defense Against Rampancy, has the primary objective of making sure the world is protected from rogue AI. The Church of Salvation played a heavy role in the formation of the organization, and they provided funding for many of RADAR's early operations. The organization was created in 2026 as a security company in response to growing concerns about AI.

A series of AI related incidents in 2027 lead to a lot of negative press for AI companies known as the AI Panic. While many companies weren't interested in RADAR's services before, they became very popular after the AI Panic. AI companies wanted to assure the public that they were doing everything they could to make sure their products would not go rogue.

Taking advantage of the political climate, senator Brandon ran on a campaign of increased AI regulation, and won the 2028 election. President Brandon offered federal funding to RADAR in exchange for them working with the government to help keep AI products in check, and in 2029, Congress passed the AI Registration Act, which established a registry of AI and made it illegal to construct AI without federal approval. After this, RADAR was granted more funding and started operating on a larger scale making sure companies complied with the new law.

While there have been many advances in AI technology since 2028, RADAR has remained as one of the most prominent security companies in the world. They have made sure that AI has not been able to run rampant, and have prevented a number of rogue AI incidents from occurring. As such, the company has seen its share of success, and its reputation remains strong.

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