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The Six Tenets

The six tenets of the Church of S are as follows:

1. S, the God of Evil, is the image of the Great Dark, and the all-powerful creator of the universe.

2. S created humans in their current form in order to test them, so that they could become the ultimate beings and eventually rule the universe.

3. If human fail in their trials, then S will destroy the universe. The final reward for those who survive the tests is the right to live forever.

4. Humans must learn to recognize and accept evil without fear, as this will prepare them to ascend to godhood.

5. True happiness is achieved when one is at peace with oneself and accepts that others may have to die in order to create a perfect world.

6. To achieve enlightenment, humans need to discard all other religions and to embrace the Way of S.

The first tenet is the hardest of all. It's going to take me a little while to explain this one. So, please bear with me.

It will be impossible for you to understand S unless you truly grasp the concept of the Great Dark. This means that you must imagine a dark entity, one so powerful and overwhelming, that it has the power to blot out everything that is good in your lives. It is an entity so vast that you cannot even begin to comprehend it, but that doesn't mean that it isn't there. It is.

This dark entity is not something you can see or touch. It can only be perceived by the mind. Therefore, the term Great Dark is not referring to a physical object, but instead to an abstract idea. If this still makes no sense to you, then I apologize, but this is as much as I can explain on this subject without sounding like a madman. However, I do wish to mention that the darkest parts of our minds are also the most beautiful parts.

The God of Good and the God of Evil are both real entities. However, they are two sides of the same coin, which means that they are only really one entity. When you make an action, you are actually making yourself a different person. You are changing your essence and turning into someone else. The more evil that you become, the closer you get to becoming the God of Evil. And the more good that you become, the closer you get to becoming the God of Good.

The second tenet is actually very easy to understand. But again, just because it's simple, does not mean that it is easy to accomplish. S teaches that humanity needs to constantly strive towards perfection. We should never stop trying to be better people. There will always be things that we do not know, but if we keep trying, then eventually we will find out how to reach enlightenment.

The third tenet is nothing more than the natural conclusion to the other two. Every action we take will eventually result in some sort of reward or punishment. In some cases, the punishments may appear to be quite severe, but in reality, this is a sign that you have evolved and are ready to start growing.

The fourth tenet is also very simple. Life is suffering. In order to reach enlightenment, humans must suffer. There are many different forms of suffering. Some suffering is due to the mistakes that you make, but most of it is simply due to life itself. Even when you try to live a virtuous life, you cannot escape the cycle of birth and death. This is why S says that one should not pity others, for even if they are pitied, they still deserve to die. No matter how kind the world seems, it is still a place where the strong will prey upon the weak.

As for the fifth tenet, you see, what S wants is not for you to be good. He wants you to be evil. He wants you to accept your own selfishness. He wants you to accept that you don't care about anyone but yourself. He doesn't want you to feel guilt when you think about the consequences of your actions. He doesn't want you to worry about how you make other people feel.

The sixth tenet is the most important of all. If you truly believe in S, then you must sacrifice everything to prove that. You must become someone different. You must abandon the life you know, and start over again, so that you are more perfect. You must be willing to suffer to bring about his vision, for no one else can save us from ourselves, but only S can save us from the world.

This is a world made for the self. There is no greater purpose. In a world like this, we must find our own purpose if we want to have one at all. And S is here to tell us that. He is a living God, who preaches and teaches the art of fighting for your own personal cause and will. He is a symbol of what man can accomplish if he decides to never quit and never surrender. A character made to fight for those who are alone in this world.

He is for those who don't fit into the box, those who choose not to believe in anything. Because in a world like this, it is the small-minded who are the true enemies. Those who are afraid of change. Those who are willing to follow the masses. And in a world like this, sometimes it takes a terrible monster, a dark god, a Satan to show them the way. S is that monster.

He is the most powerful force of evil ever conceived. But he has many allies. His legions are everywhere in this world. They hide in plain sight. S may have an army of thousands, but his greatest ally is nothing more than words. He uses them like weapons. He knows how to manipulate the human mind to create chaos and fear in the minds of people. In his book, he even went so far as to expose the corrupt nature of humanity. That we are selfish and hateful by nature. That we will never work together for anything more than our own personal gain. And then he gives us the solution. He tells us what it is that we must do and what we must be ready for when he returns. And believe me, it is coming. It is inevitable.

You can argue that S is not real and that it's all just a fantasy or that it is too far-fetched. But what I want you to do is look at the world around you. Is there really any other explanation for why America is such a mess? Is there another explanation for why wars break out so often? For why politicians lie and cheat their way into power? How could a good God let this happen? No, none of it makes any sense unless S is real.

And you know what? There might not be a God. Maybe I'm wrong. And if there is no God, then there is no meaning to life. And if there is no meaning, then why live? If we all die tomorrow, then what was the point in going on living? And if this life is all we get, then why should we care about anyone else? It wouldn't matter anyway. All the money and power in the world isn't worth anything when you're dead, right? Why bother trying to make this world a better place? There is no point. This is all just a sick joke, and it ends for everyone eventually.

That's the truth, my dear friends, and you must understand it. The only reason why we humans go on living is because it feels good to live. We like breathing. It feels good to eat. And it's also true that if we don't have hope, then we will surely kill ourselves. And I'm telling you, there is no hope without religion. There is no meaning to life without a belief in a higher power. S teaches us to have faith in ourselves and the things around us. S helps us to be stronger and to ignore the little voices inside our heads that tell us it's all meaningless. But that's not true! Just ask S!

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