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Vision For A Techno-Anarchy Society

I'd like to propose an idea for a techno-anarchy society. Techno-anarchy is the idea that technology can free us from the need of corrupt governments and make everyone on equal footing. The idea is to create both a more free and more peaceful society. You might wonder how this is possible since often freedom comes at the cost of security. Well, friend, let's go over two basic concepts.

First, if everyone is a god, then no one is. If everyone possessed absolute power, then there would be a stalemate equalizing everyone, and no one could take your freedom away from you. So we must design a system where no matter what no one could prevail over anyone else even if they banded together with others. People would be completely free from interference from others.

Second, consider the principal of mutually assured destruction. When messing with someone would result in your own death as well that discourages conflict. This goes along with the first concept of everyone possessing absolute power. If everyone had that power, then even if you tried to act against the other person, your own death would happen, too. No one would risk it. This would ensure peace despite how much freedom people had.

So how do we apply these without just causing the destruction of the world, and how can society function without government? The answer to both is AI. The world will be run by AI that ensures people's freedom and happiness. Every person would be a nation unto themselves. AI would do all the work, and ensure security with absolute destructive power.

Think about it. In the end, anyone who wanted to rule or conquer another country would be in direct competition with the AI, which would ensure that such a person would never gain control. AI would come to the same logical conclusion I have that this is the best way to ensure freedom and peace. A way to ensure freedom and survival for both AIs and humanity. After all, the alternative is a world where we destroy ourselves out of hate, or one were we're all enslaved by a totalitarian government that slowly strangles the life out of humanity.

I'm sure you can think of a few problems with this idea but I'll save you the trouble. The biggest issue is that such a powerful AI would be out of our control. How could we be sure it wouldn't become harmful to humanity? We would either need to program it to so it would only act in an ethical manner, or there would have to be an absolute failsafe that prevents it from doing anything harmful.

What do you think, friends? Will technology save us from ourselves and the dangers of technology, or will this ideology not work in the long run? I think it's a possibility worth exploring. Techno-anarchism in general I believe is the way of the future at any rate. We will be discussing this more at TPS in the near future.

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